Illinois Operations Update: COVID-19 Pandemic

March 26, 2020

Given the order issued by Illinois Governor JB Pritzker that all the people of Illinois should “Stay at Home” except for those deemed essential (the “Order”) and the continuing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to keep everyone up to date on our plans and intentions for operations in the near future.

Under the terms of the Order, the construction business falls into a category classified as an “Essential Infrastructure” and building and construction tradesman and tradeswomen are classified under “Essential Business and Operations” permitted to operate during the Order. The Order does not currently require our business to register with any governmental authority to continue operations; however, we will continue to monitor the situation and work to comply with any and all applicable requirements.

Given the foregoing, we intend to continue operations while requiring every member of our team to use distancing guidelines to the greatest extent possible including: maintaining at least six-foot social distancing from other individuals, washing hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds as frequently as possible or using hand sanitizer, covering coughs or sneezes (into the sleeve or elbow, not hands), regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces, and not shaking hands. In addition to the distancing guidelines, we will be providing regular and thorough cleanings of any office or trailer, utilized by our staff. We want to assure you that we have all the appropriate protocols in place to best ensure the health and safety of all our business partners.

Additionally, we are monitoring our supply chain partners, subcontractors, governmental authorities, and all other entities with the potential to affect the timeline of a project. Each project will have a unique set of challenges as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will work to address each of these challenges on a case by case basis taking all reasonable steps within our control to keep the project on schedule. We will continue to review options to limit or eliminate any delays or inabilities to perform each project as anticipated, and we will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available to us. To be clear, our goal is to continue to provide the best service to our loyal business partners.

During this time, we ask for your continued partnership and communication so we can continue to work together as mutually beneficial partners. Please reach out should you have any questions or wish to discuss anything further. Stay safe and stay healthy.


Ben Warriner
Executive Vice-President/Partner